At Cellblock Enterprises we blaze the trail that intersects technology and social justice. In a rapidly expanding and revolutionary age of technological advancement, an array of new experiences and insights have been availed to participants. 

About the Founder

CELLBLOCK ENTERPRISES is a technology firm founded in Fresno, California in the Spring 2016. The founder, Marcel Woodruff, a software developer, networker manager, and technology consultant built it after acquiring over 10 years of experience in the field. He obtained his B.S. in computer science from Xavier university of Louisianna and after spending numerous yeas in the central valley as a technologist, Mr. Woodruff observed that the technology industry in the central valley was beginning to boom and saw great potential in a new venture. The vision of the company was to create business that could simultaneously educate and create economic opportunity for a population that has been historically removed from technological enterprise in the Fresno area

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CELLBLOCK SOCIAL ACTION: At it’s core Cellblock Enterprises exist as a hub for technological invention and innovation as a means to improve the standard and quality of living in our community. To meet this end we network with local thinkers, businessman, theologians, technologist, economist and other specialties to discuss direction and desired impact for our organization and to ensure our organizations mains a commitment to equity, justice, and the increased quality of life.

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Coders Academy

The Cellblock Coders Academy is designed to provide educational opportunities for students who aspire to learn coding and principles in software engineering. The classes are implemented in 3 phases 1..Conventional  s\Software, 2. Software Development, 3. Collaborative programming. Students who successfully completely all three phases wil gain the capacity have the capacity to venture into their own proprietary projects and have a profitable skill set. 

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Cellblock Productions

CELLBLOCK PRODUCTIONS is is the trail we have blazed to intersect technology and art. Students and professorial in the industry collaborate to create stunning visual effects for videos, cartoons, 3d art and animation, street art, documentaries and short films. Technology under girds the story we tell in our society and in our cultures CBP empowers more in the artist to employ their imaginations and tell their own stories through a medium that guarantees quality, beauty, and sophistication.  


Our designers make use of the adobe suite, Autodesk's Maya and #ds Max, Pro-tools, and a array of other industry standard software and equipment in ways that you simply have to see to believe. 

Cellblock Research

Cellblock Research and Development aims to make vital advancements in hardware, circuitry, and augmented reality.  Working with students from fresno state and a vast array of engineers from major corporations our goal is to develop systems that help improve the quality of life of our communities residents and envision systems that could only be imagined from our unique perspectives and worldviews. 

Our current research initiatives center on holograms, augmented reality, and climate change change monitoring. 

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