Coders Academy

The Cellblock Coders Academy is designed to provide educational opportunities for students who aspire to learn coding and principles in software engineering. The classes are implemented in 3 phases 1..Conventional  s\Software, 2. Software Development, 3. Collaborative programming. Students who successfully completely all three phases wil gain the capacity have the capacity to venture into their own proprietary projects and have a profitable skill set. 

Phase 1: CONVENTIONAL SOFTWARE: In this phase studnets learn to make their first mobile app through the use of third party software while being educated on the underlying components. 


Phase 2. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - In this phase students will create they programs of their chpice from scratch in one of the major programming languages through the use of the an software development of their choice. 

phase 3: COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMMING - in this phase students do real commercial level projects in a collaborative effort using what ever resources the find necessary.