At Cellblock Enterprises we blaze the trail that intersects technology and social justice. In a rapidly expanding and revolutionary age of technological advancement, an array of new experiences and insights have been availed to participants. 

Just think about it, everyday technology is used to instantly connect people at different parts of the world. The digital world has now found the capacity to alter and augment our own physical world, and words like infoxication and infobesity have had to be created to help analyst wrap their minds around the mass information available at our fingertips through search engines, forums and social networks.

However, while all these advancements have been spectacular in scale, they are not inherently beneficial or positive in affect. Increased social media interactions shifted American culture into an increasingly impersonal, socially anxious, and introverted forms interpersonal communications in which the value of being “present” is being lost. It’s actually ironic, the very inventions that have given people greater access to one another than ever before exist within a construct that often robs us of our capacity for intimacy, understanding, and genuine connection as they are sacrificed for pseudo relationships that are measured in the form of likes, favorites and re-tweets.

At Cellblock Enterprises we take all of this seriously and aim to use technology to contribute to the enjoyment, the educating, but only in ways that server to awaken and strengthen humanity and serve to cultivate more equitable and just ways of coexistence.

To so this we imagine, and we imagine big. We imagine of developing cutting edge video games, websites, and innovative technologies that value life, celebrate its sanctity, and serves as a catalyst that migrates those on the margins into a restored quality of life. Celblock enterprises is a journey into the minds that love technology and imagine to use it ways that increase the levels of compassion, patience, and loving interaction in our world.