You Can Pry Watch Dogs 2's Guns From Its Cold, Dead Hands

The verdict is in and Watch Dogs 2 is…actually pretty good. I gave it a 9/10 in my review, and I really did end up having a great time with it, as I think it dramatically improves on the lackluster original in every way, from establishing a more coherent tone, to reworking gameplay to make better use of its central hacking mechanic.

And yet, there’s one weird thing about Watch Dogs 2 that was carried over from the original: The game really doesn’t mind if you just start murdering people by the dozen. While you can play the game using non-lethal melee attacks, a stun gun and electric traps/hacks, Watch Dogs 2 still has a full armory that players can choose from. Marcus can 3D print an entire collection of guns if he has the cash, tricking them out in wacky paint jobs and then taking to the streets to…murder a whole bunch of people.