Cellebrite cagily claims it can hack into just about any phone including iPhone 7 and Nougat handsets

Israeli security firm Cellebrite -- the company said to have helped the FBI access the San Bernadino iPhone -- says that it has the power to break into, and extract data from, just about any phone out there. Speaking with the BBC, the company demonstrated how it can crack the password on a smartphone to access its data.

It said that it was able to extract data from the very latest handsets including Android 7 devices and the iPhone 7. Cellebrite says it works with law enforcement agencies around the world too, and stopped short of saying it refused to work with oppressive regimes. The interview raises some interesting questions.


Clearly Cellebrite doesn’t reveal just how it is able to break into smartphones, but a worker for the company can be seen plugging the target handset into tablet-like device, to which is connected a USB drive. The tablet is shown to be running a tool called Cellebrite UFED Touch 2 (version, if you're interested) although it does appear to be only a demonstration version. Moments later, with just a few taps, the lock screen password for the connected Samsung Galaxy S5 is cracked, and access to the phone's data is achieved